You MUST Delete Facebook Messenger Right Now! Because…

Delete Facebook Messenger - Minute Crunch

Needless to say that Facebook Messenger is owned by Facebook, a greedy company known for stealing your data more than you can ever imagine & a company known for apologizing frequently for its massive data breaches.

By default, your messages on Facebook Messenger are not encrypted for Facebook servers & those are scanned by Facebook to collect private data of yours. Further, it demands access to your phone’s calls & SMS to shower you with more targeted ads.

You know better how crucial and private information you share on your chats. Facebook, definitely can’t be trusted with that kinda information. Further, why take risks when better & secured messaging apps like Signal (the gold standard in messaging!) and WhatsApp are there.

While WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook now, still the app is much secured than Messenger & uses end-to-end encryption by default. That means on signal & WhatsApp, the conversation remains between you and the person you’re talking to. Any servers don’t have access to your texts.

If you don’t want others (especially Facebook data buyers and hackers) to intrude your chat, get the rid of Facebook Messenger right now.

References: BBC.

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