Why Saying “No” More Often Is A Good Approach?

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Many people say: “Saying yes is a good approach”. Is it really? We don’t think so. Saying “yes” means devotion of more & more time to things you say “yes” for! We all have 24 hours. We can’t increase that number. If you say yes to everything, you’re left with very little time to do things that are most important in your life. What’s the solution? Well, learn to say no! Sometimes, we have to say no to even good things to choose the better things in place of good things (like not attending our friends’ party to complete that project!). If you have the habit of saying yes to everyone & every task you come across, mind your habit. Start saying no. This way you can keep yourself focused on what you do, use your resources, time and skills in the best possible manner. The more time you’ll have for particular things, the better you’ll do them. Remember, if you have a yes for everything, people will “AB-USE” you & you’ll be good at nothing.  In short, be smart & say “NO”, more often! Initially, It’ll be difficult. Later, you’ll thank yourself (& hopefully Minute Crunch too!).

References: Photo Thanks: Maxpixel.net.

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