Why headphones are becoming a necessary work accessory?

Headphones at workplace - Minute Crunch

New workplaces are more open, against the cubicles of old times. While open office spaces have many advantages like enhanced team collaboration, better connectivity, saving huge dollars in terms of office rent, but more openness means more noisy work environment too.

The result is employees are switching to headphones to cover the disturbance in an open work environment, In one survey, 46% participants admitted using headphones to avoid conversation with colleagues, while 30% to avoid background noise (yep! the noise of that phone ringtone which is ringing again & again, chit-chat between those workers, sounds of coffee cups striking tables each few seconds, noise from that keyboard which is being ruthlessly & loudly used by your colleague!), and others use them to listen to their favorite music for increased productivity & get their stuff done with some musical inspiration & motivation.

Some also argue that music at work help them create their personal work zone & isolate interruptions!

“Using headphones at work – ethical or unethical” deserves a discussion at scale. So, you’re invited. Do you think it’s okay to use headphones at work? Isn’t it make you look anti-social or unreachable at work? Join the discussion in the comments section.

References: Fast Company, Time Management Ninja, Image Courtesy of PxHere.

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