Most Spoken language is neither English nor Hindi - WinfiY crunch

Most Spoken language is neither English nor Hindi!

Do You know which is the most spoken language in the world? We guessed ….. English! But to our surprise, we were wrong! Then we got the second opportunity to guess the correct one. We guessed ….. Hindi. This time too, our answer was not correct and then we got to know from ‘babbel magazine’ that the most spoken language in world is “Chinese”! Yes, you heard us right! “Chinese” language has around 1.2 billion native speakers leaving languages like Spanish (about 400 million speakers), English (about 360 million speakers) and Hindi much behind! Oh My Gosh!

Abu Dhabi Skyline - WinfiY crunch

First “Hindu Temple” in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Most beloved Prime Minister Mr. Modi lays foundation stone of first “Hindu temple” in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 11 February 2018. Mr. Modi addressed “I would like to request all those associated with the construction of the temple that the rulers here have shown so much respect for India. They have been proud of India’s cultural history. Now it’s our responsibility that there is no mistake on our part”. This new Hindu Temple shall be build on a generous gift of land by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi; will be hand-carved by Indian temple artisans; will be completed by 2020 and will be open to people of all religious backgrounds. Gosh part is that this will be the first “Hindu Temple” on the UAE land!

India is the Country with largest Government Health Scheme Ever - WinfiY crunch

Country with largest Government Health Scheme Ever!

Did you know that India has announced the World’s biggest health care program completely funded by Government of India. The Indian Government has funded INR 1200 crore for this flagship health program that will provide insurance cover of INR 5 lac per family per year and will benefit around 50 crore beneficiaries spread over 10 crore Indian Families. Indian Inc has dubbed the scheme as “Modi-care”. Well, whatever is the nomenclature, the scheme is a commendable move. Isn’t it?

Foster City of USA is the Safest City in the World - WinfiY crunch

It is the Safest City in the World!

Did you know that Foster City in California of United States of America (USA) is probably the most safest city in the world with the lowest crime rate. The city has earned the tag of safest city with an average of one murder in ten years. Foster City has also been recognized as one of the Best Places to Live multiple times by Money Magazine.